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Cabbage Leaves

Sparrow Gardens

purely food.

Simply put, we hand farm all our vegetables and fruits using organic methods in order to nourish You and our planet with our very best.

Food Simplified

We care about our customers and our planet. That is why we grow high quality produce without the bells and whistles. There are no import fees, no fancy packaging fees, and no complex food system costs passed onto you. We hand-farm using traditional and organic methods in order to preserve the earth's natural richness. We love the land, we are passionate about farming, and we want you to relish in the fruit of our labour by tasting food as mother nature intended.

Purely food

from Sparrow Gardens to your kitchen table.

About Us

     Sparrow Gardens is a market farm that grows a wide range and steady supply of fresh produce through the local growing season. We are located on the border of Markham, Pickering, and Stouffville. Our land is encircled by fellow farmers growing apples, berries, herbs, garlic, and honeybees. What a place for us to sow seeds, set down roots, and blossom! We will be growing your old time favourite veggies as well as a line up of heirloom varieties to liven up your kitchen table.


Farm Shares

Our Sparrow farm shares consist of a regular supply of our vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Each farm share will include six to eight varieties grown from our land, cycling naturally throughout the season. Customers can choose to receive their farm shares weekly or biweekly from June to October. 

Your purchase will also help us to support local charity & not for profit  food programs with our farm fresh products.

Option 1
Feeds three to four people
Option 2
Feeds one to two people

Receive six to eight vegetable varieties each week

Every week for 16 weeks from June to October

One time payment of $530

Receive six to eight vegetable varieties each week

Every week for 16 weeks from June to October

One time payment of $420

Option 3
Feeds three to four people, bi-weekly

Receive six to eight vegetable varieties each week

Bi-weekly for 8 weeks from June to October

One time payment of $265

*All payments to be made via e-transfer to 

How farm shares work

1. Click on this link to fill out our Farm Share order form.

2. Complete and submit the order form and our team will contact you via. email with your invoice and accept/confirm payment. 

3. After payment is received, your choice of the farm share pick up location day and time will be confirmed with you.

4. In the spring, our farmer will send out communications regarding your first order pick up as well as update you about the progress of the farm. 

5. Once your food is ready to be harvested, each week you will receive an order form listing the available vegetable/fruits/flower varieties for you to choose from. 

6. Pick up your farm share and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get to choose what types of vegetables and fruits go into my weekly farm share?

Yes. Every week you will receive a list of available products to choose from. Our farmer will pack your farm share specifically for you on the day of your scheduled pick up.  If you are needing help deciding, a Farmer's Choice bag can be provided with the best crops available chosen by our farmer.

2. How do you decide how much of each vegetable type I get? 

We follow industry standard measurements and weigh out every bag or bunch of produce you receive. For example, for the share size that feeds three to four people, you will get 130 grams of salad greens with each order, 200 grams of sugar snap peas, or 300+ grams of tomatoes in each container.

3. Where and how do I pick up my farm share?

Details of your pick up location will be provided after your purchase. Farm share locations are:

Sparrow Gardens at 11290 York Durham Line in Markham


Morningside Ave. and Hwy. 401 in Scarborough 


Woodbine and Elgin Mills

(Possible Bayview and Steeles Location - email if you would like this option)

Pick Up Locations
A note from our farmer

My name is Tasha Kang and my passion for growing plants and animals started a long time ago. I have been farming professionally since 2017 and I can't imagine my life without it. I am grateful to be able to provide such high quality foods to our customers, and also be able to use what I do to help communities in poverty. I am so excited for the coming farm season and being able to share the harvest of Sparrow Gardens.

We donate farm fresh vegetables to local charity food programs.   

We believe that locally grown and nutritious foods must be accessible and available to marginalized and vulnerable communities. Sparrow Gardens grows vegetables for the M.I.N.D. community kitchen (see for more information). This is our way of helping to tackle some of the food insecurity issues faced by residents in the south-west Scarborough area.  

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